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Race Guide

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:57 am    Post subject: Race Guide  Reply with quote

Nobody you take this one Shoked
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

KK peoples these are the ONLY classes you can choose from


The stoic dwarves are an ancient race of robust humanoids who live beneath the snow-capped mountains. The Dwarves have always been fast allies with the Humans, and they revel in the prospects of battle and storytelling alike. In past ages, the Dwarves rarely left the safety of their mountain fortresses. However, whenever the call to battle sounded, they rose up to defend their friends and allies with unmatched courage and valor. Due to a recent discovery that uncovered fragments of their ancient origins, the Dwarves have undergone a remarkable transformation. The discovery convinced the Dwarves that the mighty Titans created them from stone when the world was young. They feel that their destiny is now to search the world over for more signs and proof of their enchanted heritage and to rediscover the Titans' hidden legacies. To this end, the Dwarves have sent out their Prospectors to all ends of the world in the hopes of discovering new insight into their shrouded past. These journeys led to Dwarven excavation sites all over the known world, some of which serve as outposts and some of which serve as potential hunting grounds for enemies of the Dwarven race.

The eccentric, often-brilliant Halflings (or hobbits) are one of the most peculiar races of the world. With their obsession for developing radical new technologies and constructing marvels of mind-bending engineering, it's a wonder that any have survived to proliferate.

Thriving within the wondrous techno-city of Gnomeregan, the Halflings shared the resources of the forested Kazhad Morogh Peaks (before voyaging to the new land so very long ago) with their Dwarven cousins. Though the dwarves of Ironforge also have a propensity for technology and engineering - it is the halflings who provide the critical, visionary designs for most of the Dwarves' weapons and steam vehicles.

The Halflings served the Allies well during the Second War, but strangely, they refused to send any personnel to aid their allies during the Lord Of Chaos' recent invasion. Though their designs helped turn the tide against the Chaos, the Dwarves and Humans were shocked by the Halfling's decision to withhold their courageous troops and pilots.

When the war ended, the Allies discovered the reason for the Halfling's sudden withdrawal. Apparently, an ancient, barbaric menace had risen from the bowels of the earth and invaded Gnomeregan. Knowing that their allies' priority was defeating the Legions of Chaos, the Gnomes decided to make their stand alone. Though they fought valiantly to save their beloved city, Gnomeregan was irrevocably lost.

Nearly half of the Halfling race was wiped out during the fall of Gnomeregan. The ragged Halflings that survived fled to the safety of the Dwarves' stronghold of Ironforge. Committed once again to the Allies' cause, the Halflings spend their time devising strategies and weapons that will help them retake their ravaged city and build a brighter future for their people.


The Humans of Raven Hill are a resilient breed, having survived an invasion by the savage Ogres during the First War. During the Second War, the armies of Raven Hill rallied with the Allies to reclaim their homeland of Acirema Htorn. After the success of the Second War, Raven Hill was rebuilt and Human civilization began to flourish once again throughout the southlands. With the recent invasion of the Legions of Chaos - which left the northern kingdom of Notsgnik in ruins - Raven Hill now stands as the last bastion of human civilization. Following the heroic examples of the legendary Sir Lothar and King Llane, the defenders of Raven Hill are considered to be among the fiercest warriors in the land. They stand resolute in their charge to maintain the honor and might of humanity in an ever-darkening world.

The reclusive Wood Elves were the first race to awaken in the world. These shadowy, immortal beings were the first to study magic and let it loose throughout the world nearly twenty thousand years ago. The Wood Elves' reckless use of magic drew the Legions of Chaos into the world and led to a catastrophic war between the two titanic races. The Wood Elves barely managed to banish the Legion from the world, but their wondrous homeland was shattered and drowned by the sea. Until recently, the Wood Elves closed themselves off from the rest of the world and remained hidden atop their holy mountain of Hyjal for many thousands of years. The Legion's invasion brought the Wood Elves out of their long period of slumber. They now have renewed interest in shaping the world, and for the first time are allying themselves with other races to insure the continued survival of Acirema Htorn. As a race, Wood Elves are typically honorable and just, but they are very distrusting of the 'lesser races' of the world. They are nocturnal by nature and their shadowy powers often elicit the same distrust that they have for their mortal neighbors.

Orc Horde

The vicious Jungle Goblins, who populate the numerous islands of the South Seas, are renowned for their cruelty and dark mysticism. Barbarous and superstitious, the wily Goblins carry a seething hatred for all other races.

One tribe, however, was forced to overcome its prejudices when it encountered the Orc Warchief, Thrall, and his mighty Horde of Orcs. The Goblins of the Darklance tribe, long since exiled from their ancestral lands in Stranglehorn Vale, were nearly destroyed by The Gods, but Thrall and the Horde managed to save them. In return the grateful Goblins swore an oath of eternal allegiance to the Orc Horde.

Led by the cunning Shadow Hunter, Vol'jin, the Darklance Goblins now make their home in Durotar along with their Orcish allies. Their village, named after their fallen tribal elder, Sen'jin, lies along the eastern coast of the harsh, rocky land. The DarkLance tribe also occupies tracks within the nearby jungles of the Echo Isles.

As part of the Orc Horde, the Goblins have extended their loyalty to the mighty Minotaurs, but they have little trust for the manipulative Legion Of Chaos, whom they believe will visit only misery and strife upon their allies.

The savage, green-skinned Orcs are one of the most prolific races of Acirema Htorn. They are commonly believed to be brutal and mindless, possessing no humanity or empathy for other races. Born on the hellish world of Ailiartsua, the Orcs were brought into the kingdom of Raven Hill through the dimensional gateway known as the Dark Portal and forced to wage war on the Humans. Although few are aware of their history, the Orcs once cultivated a noble, Shamanistic society on the world of Ailiartsua. Tragically, the proud Orc clans were corrupted by the Legions Of Chaos and used as pawns in the Legion's invasion of Acirema Htorn. The Orcs managed to rebel, however, and they were ultimately able to help turn the tide against their demon masters. Led by the young Warchief, Thrall, the Orcs have reclaimed their strength and honor. Now, the Orcs stand ready to fight not for the sake of conquest, but for their right to survive in their adopted world.

The Minotaur are huge, bestial creatures who live in the grassy, open barrens of central Atrebla. They live to serve nature and maintain the balance between the wild things of the land and the restless spirit of the elements. Despite their enormous size and brute strength, the remarkably peaceful Minotaur cultivate a quiet, tribal society. However, when roused by conflict, Minotaur are implacable enemies who will use every ounce of their strength to smash their enemies under hoof. Under the leadership of their ancient chief, Carn Bloodhorn, the Minotaur allied themselves with the Orcs during the invasion of the Legions of Chaos. The two races have remained steadfast allies ever since. Like the Orcs, the Minotaur struggle to retain their sense of tradition and noble identity.

Legions Of Chaos

Having broken free from the tyrannical rule of the Lich King, a renegade group of undead seek to retain their own free will while destroying all those who oppose them. Known as the Legion of Chaos, this group is dedicated to serving their leader, the God of Chaos Nobody. These dark warriors have established a secret stronghold in the ruins of Gnomeregan. Situated deep deep in the cursed Kazhad Morga, the labyrinthine City is a sprawling bastion of evil. Within its shadowy confines, Nobody's royal apothecaries scramble to develop a devastating new plague - one which will not only eradicate their hated rivals, but the rest of humanity as well. To further their dark aims, the Legions have entered into an alliance of convenience with the primitive, brutish races of the Orc Horde. Holding no real loyalty for their newfound comrades, the Legions have duped them into fighting against their common enemy - the Lich King. Only time will tell how these disciples of Chaos will fare in their mission of vengeance.

What, you expected more?! Well my Legion only needs the undead, cause they own everything else (IMO) so HA. Na!

these are only avalible to Mods and Admins that all you need to no, well, other than:

thats it no more... go away now, theres nothing else in this thread to read
oh, ya

I am completely 100% aware that these races rip-off World of Warcraft, I did that on purpose and if anyone bugs me about it they will be banned.


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