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Town Center
This is the main gathering place if Battle Arena.
The Mall
This is the place to buy almost anything you need. (No weapons sold)
Pawn Shop
This is the best place to buy weapons.
Central Hotel
This is the largest building in Centropolis. Rent a room and have fun!
First Floor: Lounge

Second Floor: Cafeteria

Third Floor: Bar

Fourth Floor: Hotel Rooms

Fifth Floor: Vip Rooms

The Alley
This is where all the thugs hang out.
The Old House
It is said to be filled with thousands of creatures.
Training Grounds
Training area for the newbs, go here before anywhere else.
Crease Desert
Scorpion Rock
The rock is shaped like a scrpion and is said to once have been a great demon.
Demon Canyon
This is the most dangerous place in the desert. (NOOBS WILL DIE)
The Oasis
A little spring in the middle of the desert. There is a house built next to it.
The Hole
This hole is the home of the ancient Spider god.
Black Forest
The Old Oak
The tree is believed to have a magical healing ability.
Ogre Camp
This where the ogres hang out.
The Old Cabin
It is the home of many creatures trying to find warmth in the forest.
The Cliff
This is where each of the strongest monsters go out every night.
Frozen Mountains
White Glacier
It is said that there are many creatures whos howls move the glacier.
Frost River
This is where all the animals come to drink.
Mountain Peak
This is the largest amazement in Battle Arena. It is really the warmest place on the planet.
The Cave
Said to be home of the great Yeti.
Off Topic
Talk about anything here.
Showoff your art, animations, whatever. Just post it here.
Trash Bin
This is where all the old dead topics go.
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